Are you Belgian and stranded abroad?

The FPS Foreign Affairs is doing everything in its power to find a solution together with you.

Register on Travellers Online.

In this way our Embassies and Consulates can contact and advise you about possible solutions.

Follow the foreign travel advice.

For each country we have drawn up a specific travel advice with all the information. Strictly adhere to local guidelines.

Call our hotline.

+32 (0)2 501 4000

You can also contact our team in Brussels over the phone to ask them your questions.

#BelgenVoorElkaar #BelgesSolidaires #BelgierF├╝rEinander


Find other Belgians abroad.

The corona crisis has prompted a great deal of solidarity amongst Belgians abroad. In the Facebook group #BelgesSolidaires you will find concrete ideas for temporary help.

Keep following the situation closely.

Follow us on social media to stay informed of the latest developments.